PHP/MySQL Walk-Throughs updated for OpenBSD 6.1

I've stopped maintaining the page for nginx because it hasn't received many views since I updated it about six months ago. I suspect that nginx on OpenBSD is not all that popular because the httpd that ships with OpenBSD provides almost the same functionality as a basic installation of nginx. The pages for httpd in base and Apache2 now cover PHP7 and both configurations appear to work really well.  

PHP/MySQL on OpenBSD's relayd-based httpd 
HiR's Secure OpenBSD/Apache/MySQL/PHP Guide

Feel free to comment on this post if you find any discrepancies or have suggestions. Comments are disabled on the walk-through pages.

(2017-04-23) Edited to add: I went ahead and re-worked the nginx guide, based on the httpd guide with new formatting.
PHP/MySQL with nginx on OpenBSD

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