Trade Wars 2002 contest starting Feb. 1

Trade Wars 2002. Remember it?

HiR is hosting a TW2002 contest. Fire up your telnet clients, pick a throwaway password you'll never use for anything else, and join us.

The contest game (Game B) is a TW2002 Gold game with very few modifications, a 5,000 sector universe and 1,000 turns per day. 5 deaths eliminates you. The contest opens on February 1st, with a 14 day entry window. No admittance after that. No prizes other than bragging rights, but it should be fun.

In the meantime, a sandbox (Game A) is in session for your amusement and a bit of practice. It offers 5,000 turns per day to really give you a lot of time to explore and get your bearings straight with how the game works. I'm sure some of you are kind of rusty.  I'll probably reset it in about two weeks when the entry period for the contest game closes.

You can get to the games via telnet on tw2002.h-i-r.net port 2002/tcp

All of the "Forgotten Ages" verbiage is a hold-over from the telnet MUD/BBS my wife ran back in the early 2000s. We've had licenses for Trade Wars and TWGS for a long time, and decided to finally put them to use.

Play clean, or play dirty. There are a lot of glitches and loopholes in this relic of a game. They're yours to use if you can find them.

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