Links: Root, Patch and Tether a Droid 2 Global

My wife and I have identical phones. She actually got hers before I got mine. Occasionally, I have to tether for troubleshooting, and I set hers up tonight to do the same.

I encountered a number of stumbling blocks the first time around. Fortunately, other people did all the hard work. Here are links I found helpful.

Download the latest SuperOneClick package. You'll have to root your phone. There's no easier way than this: SuperOneClick - Shortfuse

Get the Android WiFi Tether APK from Google Code.

At this point, if you try to tether, you'll run into a similar issue as I've described in previous tethering posts: the authentication string will cause tethered traffic to bounce up against Verizon's wrath warning page.

You'll need to download RadioComm, and the best way to find that is Google. You'll probably find fresh links to recent versions on XDA Devs or MotorolaFans. Caveat Emptor and all that. Shady download links galore, so be on your guard with good backups and malware protection. Here are the instructions to patch your phone's baseband configuration for tethery goodness.

After that, all should work well.

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