BSidesKC Videos

I actually didn't get to present anything this year. Not for any particular reason. All the talks were awesome and they tied together pretty well. It took me a while to get UStream working on my phone, via 3G. Also, not all the videos worked or uploaded properly, so my apologies in advance for not getting all the talks, and for the crappy video quality, especially on the slides. Slides should be online soon, though.

Here are my archived UStream videos, though. There are only 4 from BSidesKC, and then some older stuff from Maker Faire.

As for my talk on remote pentest appliances: It's probably best I didn't get a spot this year. Turns out that those 1 million writes (or whatever) that USB flash drives are good for go by pretty fast when you're running a full operating system (with databases, etc) direct from the drive for a few months straight. My demo platform died a week ago. I had backups, but I have some re-thinking to do. I'd probably best stick with external 2.5" drive enclosures for this project. I'll be documenting it properly.

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