Links: 2010-12-14

From our Delicious feed today:

  • Mubix and Carnal0wnage join the Rapid7 family « Rapid7 Network Security Blog - Congrats to two of our favorite hackers!
    #tags: hackers metasploit

  • Air Guitar Prototype | Chris O'Shea - There is some absolutely crazy stuff going on with OpenCV and the Kinect controller!
    #tags: hardware hacking opensource music programming

  • "FBI Added Secret Backdoors to OpenBSD IPSEC" - Ugh. Potentially sickening.
    #tags: infosec opensource OpenBSD vpn infiltration

  • HeapLocker: Private Memory Usage Monitoring « Didier Stevens - This will probably take a bit of refinement, but it's an exciting step in the right direction
    #tags: defense pdf windows

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