OUI (MAC Address Vendor) Lookup with PHP

I often find myself writing reporting tools in PHP. For work, I wrote a tool to parse Kismet XML files and generate a nice report out of the data. I may talk more about that later on.

One of the things I wanted to do was to reference an OUI table so that I can include the manufacturer of each discovered access point in the report. I figure this may help some people, as this function seems useful anywhere that MAC addresses show up.

I started with the nmap-mac-prefixes file from the nmap subversion tree (and source distribution), but I had to clean it up a bit and turn it into something halfway friendly to cram into an array in PHP, although I suppose I could have done an external grep or loaded the entire file dirty with file_get_contents(). I opted to load the array using the OUI as the key, though. To do that, I did this ugly bit of shell-fu:

grep -v ^# nmap-mac-prefixes | sed s/[\"\',]/" "/g |\
sed s/" "/"\"=>\""/ | sed 's/.*/\ "&\",/' > ouilookup.php

Which resulted in thousands of lines like this:

Next, I had to make it into a function and add the Array() syntax around it:

function ouilookup($mac)

[... Thousands of lines ... ]

"FCFBFB"=>"Cisco Systems",
"525400"=>"QEMU Virtual NIC",
"B0C420"=>"Bochs Virtual NIC",
"DEADCA"=>"PearPC Virtual NIC",
"00FFD1"=>"Cooperative Linux virtual NIC");

The whole thing can be downloaded here: ouilookup.txt (rename to .php)

To use it, simply include the file, and call ouilookup() with the MAC address in pretty much any hex format you want (xx:xx:xx:xx:xx:xx, xx-xx-xx-xx-xx-xx or xxxxxxxxxxxx are common)

A quick and dirty example using PHP from the command-line:

//oui.php - ouilookup() test
$vendor . "\n";

$ php oui.php 00:11:22:33:44:55

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