Free OpenBSD shell accounts at devio.us

The nice guys at devio.us are offering free (or cheap premium) shell accounts on openbsd servers.

Free linux shells are everywhere, but I haven't seen OpenBSD shell accounts offered, at least for free, in recent memory. I manage an OpenBSD shell/tunneling/irc/whatever server for members of CCCKC, but it's not "free" so much as it's one of the many benefits and shared resources that come with being a paid member of our hackerspace.

Their policy is pretty straight-forward. If you pay $2 or $3 per month, you get a premium account that allows you to background a couple of processes, gives you a larger file quota, and the ability to create more databases. Regular accounts may not background processes or run a detached screen after logging off, only get one mysql database, and 100MB of storage space. Oh heck, just grok the services page.

In the FAQ, the devio.us team says they're OpenBSD advocates. That makes them cool in my book. Be sure to check out their manifesto, as well.

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