Google Wave Invite Nominations

This is what it looks like when you finally get to nominate folks to join Google Wave:

I've had Wave since October 8, and I am just now able to nominate folks.

Update: All the Wave invites I had are now spoken for. Thanks for all who participated!

Here's how it works. Leave a comment with your email address in base64 encoded format, and I'll invite you if you're among the first eight to do so. Your email address absolutely must be in base64 format or I'll just ignore you. If you don't know how to convert text to base64, you can do some research. Hint: ALL YOUR BASE64 ARE BELONG TO US. Consider this an extremely easy challenge. Keep in mind (as written above) that invites aren't actually mailed out instantly. In my case, it took about 8 days from nomination to Google Wave access. Be patient!

Example: my email address in Base64 is YXgwbkBoLWktci5uZXQ=

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