Cowtown Computer Congress Update [Kansas City]

CCCKC has some exciting news and things going on. There's a meeting tonight that's pretty important. If you haven't been around lately, now's the time to start coming again. They're getting ready to make the jump to a dedicated hackerspace in the underground, mysterious caves of Kansas City.

This is, quite frankly, epic. The plan for a unified hackerspace in Kansas City is barely a year old. This is moving really, really fast compared to other cities.

We also need some existing organizations (technology trainers, user groups, etc) to affiliate with CCCKC. The more members and groups we can get using the space, the better.

Until we actually sign the lease, we're still meeting at JavaNaut on 39th St. - The main meeting starts at 7:00 PM. The board meeting is at 6:00, and if you've offered to help with the build-out in any way, you should probably plan on showing up for the board meeting this evening.

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