December KC PHP User Group meeting

Usually, KCPUG's December meeting is either non-existent or of sparse attendance. The third Saturday of December is pretty close to the holidays, and many people have other plans. As such, I hadn't prepared anything to discuss, and neither had anyone else. I was pleasantly surprised when -- despite a snow storm -- we gathered more people than I'd expected. 2 of them came all the way out from Clinton, MO. It was nice to see some new faces among the regulars.

I demonstrated my Spreadsheet browser, and we all discussed some other projects we're working on. After that, it was mostly a discussion of various server platforms, web design software, and programming languages, both viable and not. This included Microsoft IIS, Apache, DreamWeaver, Front Page, PHP, ASP.NET, LOLCode, and BrainF---. Sometimes, a meeting without a lot of structure can be a great one.

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