Hello there.

Frogman here, of the old HiR crew. Longtime friend of ax0n and asmo. I'm a Mac user and spend some of my spare time playing with junk PCs and building them from parts. They usually end up with a Linux or BSD install as a part of the process. Do you want to see how to build a decent system for pocket change? Are you tired of the old upgrade cycle just to run a new OS, or do you want to make use of spare or decommissioned systems? I can give you tips for what to look for when shopping for a deal. Maybe you need tweaks to get your old system online with modern software. If you can build a system to a point where it can get online and browse the web, then it probably has 80% functionality for 95% of home users. Heck, you can even build an OS X capable Mac for well under $100 if you shop well.

Hackers care about value for their money. I'll post with tips on how to make the most of spending $50-100 at the computer stores, and $20-50 at used shops.

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